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Changzhou Orlanto Sign Materials Co.,Ltd founded in 1998, is affiliated to Changzhou Lingtong Investment Group.
We have been specialized in various indoor and outdoor signs and materials for more than 10 years.
Our products include modular curved sign system, directory sign system, snap frame system……
Beijing maternity Hospital  |   ChongQing Light railway  |   Shanghai Expo Hall  |   Changzhou Grand Theater  |   Changzhou Planning venue  |   Beijing Friendship Hospital  |   Jilin power  |   Jiangnan University  |   ICBC  |   China Construction Bank  |   Agricultural bank  |   China Merchants Bank  |   Bank of China  |   Baiyun airport  |   Changzhou airport  |   Qingdao airport  |   Wuxi Airport  |   Changzhou Passenger transport center  |   Nanjing Railway south station  |   Shanghai Longyang Subway station  |   Shanghai Expo  |   ... ...
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